“7 Triceps Exercises for Toned Arms

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Did you ever feel inferior or have a self dought regarding your triceps? Well, you don’t need to worry more! With the help of proper training and triceps exercises, You can shape your triceps muscles as you dreamed of.

The triceps muscles are present on the back side of your upper arms. Training your biceps muscles is not enough to define your arms well. We need triceps muscles for lifting something or pushing etc.

In today’s article, we learn about top triceps exercises that can boost your arm strength and aesthetics.

Best Triceps Exercises:

Triceps Dips:

Triceps dips are trendy and one of the practical Triceps exercises that simultaneously target multiple muscle groups, such as the triceps, chest and shoulders.

You need two side-by-side stationary bars, a bench or a chair to perform this exercise.

You must keep your hands on the bars, move a little ahead, bend your elbows and bring your legs forward, make a 90-degree angle and bring yourself back to a normal position.

Close-Grip Bench Press:

A close grip bench press is another form of regular bench press that can target your tricep muscle.

To perform this exercise, you must go down on a flat bench, take a barbell, keep your hands closer, extend your arms fully, bring down the weight in a downward direction and repeat this cycle.

It would be best to take a lighter weight in the beginning and increase your weight weekly as your strength improves. This exercise will also engage your chest and shoulder muscles.

Triceps Rope Pushdown:

To perform this exercise, you need a cable machine; This is one of the very effective triceps exercises to build a bigger triceps. Please stand in front of the machine, take a rope, and keep both hands on the rope bar.

Bring the rope downward and fully extend your arms, Don’t take your elbows too far from the body while you down your arms; bring your arms back in the upward direction and repeat this cycle.

Diamond Pushups:

Diamond pushups offer decent growth in our triceps muscles. It can also engage the back muscles of your arms.

It is a very similar exercise to our traditional pushups.

To perform this exercise, you need to go into a pushup position, But you need to bring your hands closer rather than keep them far away and form a diamond shape with the help of your thumbs and fingers.

Bring yourself down, keep your elbows close to your body, and then push yourself back to a normal position.

Overhead Triceps Extension:

This exercise can target the long head of your triceps. You can stand straight or sit on a bench to perform this exercise.

You need to pick a dumbbell in one hand, bend your elbow and take a dumbbell behind your head.

Bring your upper arms close to your hand, fully extend your arm in an upward direction behind your head, and bring it back to a downward trend. Repeat this workout cycle.

Skull Crushers:

Don’t misjudge this exercise because of its name; Skull Crushers are a fantastic workout to train your triceps.

To perform this exercise, you need to go down on a bench, Keep your arm straight, bend your elbow, and bring down the weight in the forehead direction ( that is why its name is skull crusher).

Don’t move your upper arm while you bring down the weight; then, extend your arms in an upward direction.

Triceps Kickbacks:

Tricep kickbacks are one of the excellent Triceps exercises for your triceps to add to your workout regime.

To do this workout, you need a dumbbell in each hand, bend your knees, keep your back straight and don’t take your elbows far away from your body.

You have to extend your arms fully backwards and bring back your arms to squeeze your biceps. Repeat the process as many reps as you can.


I hope Now you understand how to perform these seven triceps exercises to get strong and toned arms. But it would help if you were consistent with your workout routine.

Always do some stretching before starting any of triceps exercises before starting your workout; it will prevent you from any injury. Remember that any training is incomplete without proper rest and a healthy diet plan.

You must take essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients such as protein, carbs and fats to unlock maximum workout potential.

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