“Creatine: Benefits, Safety & Side Effects”

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Creatine supplements are a popular pre-workout choice for all fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes because it enhances performance and muscle endurance during exercise.

It is a safe and effective supplement, but some people think that creatine is not secure and can cause side effects in the long run. Through this article, we aim to provide information about this supplement so you can make the right choice about its usage.

What is Creatine?

It is naturally present in our body but in a meagre amount, and you can also consume it through food such as fish and meat.

The main objective of consuming creatine supplements is to provide energy to all cells, especially during high-intensity workouts or weight lifting.

Creatine supplement is available in powder, capsule or liquid form; it helps you lift more weight or do more repetitions, leading to better growth of muscles and performance during exercise. 


Many studies prove that creatine supplements can improve your exercise performance and allow you to lift heavy weights during a high-intensity workout in the gym.

This supplement can also help you in Post workout muscle recovery and minimize muscle fatigue, so you can easily do physical activities for a longer duration. 

Common Side Effects:

Water Retention: 

One of the significant side effects of taking this supplement is that it holds water. When you start consuming creatine, your muscles start holding more water which leads to bloating and puffiness around muscles such as legs, arms and stomach.

This is a temporary effect, but it may create a problem for those who want to do weight loss or get involved in sports like wrestling and boxing. 

Gastrointestinal Distress: 

women having stomach ache because of creatine

After taking this supplement, some of you might have suffered from stomach problems like diarrhoea.

This discomfort happens only in the short run, and it is very mild; these symptoms fade away once your body is use to it with the supplement, or you can reduce the dosage in the beginning and increase it gradually. 

Kidney and Liver Function: 

serious illness in kidneys

Many people avoid creatine supplements because they think they can damage their liver and kidneys.

However, there are many claims from various studies that creatine does not damage your internal organs if you take it under the recommended values.

People with kidney and liver-related diseases should ask their doctor before starting any supplementation. 

Energy and Sleep: 

Try taking a creatine supplement in the daytime and avoiding the supplement before going to bed because creatine can increase your energy levels, which is beneficial during your workout. Still, high energy levels before going to bed can hamper your sleep quality. 

Muscle Cramps: 

Portrait of a strong muscular male bodybuilder suffering from a knee pain isolated over gray background

According to some reports, this supplement can cause muscle cramps. Although there is no firm evidence of that, these symptoms will fade away if you reduce the supplement dosage.


Lastly, creatine supplement is generally safe for everyone if you use it as recommended. If you are internally fit, creatine never harms you in the long run, and all the possible side effects will fade away after your body use to it with the supplements. 

The recommended dosage of this supplement for a beginner is around 5 grams, and you can increase it gradually as your fitness level improves. Drinking 3-4 litres of water is advisable to avoid stomach-related issues.

It is essential to consider some important points before introducing any creatine supplement to your diet. You should view your age, health status, your medical history. If you experience any adverse effects for a more extended period after taking this supplement, then consult a doctor.

Always remember, if you want to maximize the results of the supplement. You have to combine the supplements with a healthy diet, good hydration and the correct form of exercise to get your expected results.

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