HIIT Workout- 3 Amazing Benefits of HIIT workout, High-intensity interval training cardio

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HIIT workout:

In India, maximum people want to do a fat loss because they suffer from many health problems due to the high fat stored in their bodies. They should do intense workouts for fat loss. As you already know, too much of anything is good for nothing. So high-intensity workout is very beneficial for fat loss. If your goal is to fat loss, I strongly recommend HIIT exercise to your daily workout regime.


HIIT workout for fat loss:

  • We can add a High intensity workout to our routine for weight loss and fat loss, But this type of workout demands more effort than your other workout. Your energy level should be high when you are performing High intensity workouts.
  • If you maintain a balanced diet with High intensity workouts, then the energy will drained from your fat reserves That makes you more fitter and healthier.
  • You have to consume nutritious meals that include protein, carbs
  • and fats with HIIT workout, which can tone up your body in a short time. But you have to achieve a minimum fitness level first before doing a HIIT workout, so plan accordingly.

HIIT workout includes many exercises like swimming, jogging, running, walking, dancing and playing any sport, and you can also use the treadmill.
The initial warmup is necessary before starting the HIIT workout. Then you go at a steady and consistent pace. HIIT workout needs not be done only in the gym. Instead of using machines in the gym, you can go on trekking also. Trekking is also a high-intensity exercise but only If you climb the mountain at some pace which drains you a lot.

3 Benefits of doing HIIT workout:

More efficient:

The main benefit of high-intensity interval training is much more efficient than a typical workout routine. HIIT workout is especially for those who have limited time for the workout. 20-30 minutes is sufficient time for a HIIT workout. Even if you don’t want to spend more time in the gym, an intense workout is far better than a steady-state workout.

Better cardiovascular fitness:

HIIT workout is beneficial for your metabolism because your body burns calories during the workout and for hours afterwards. HIIT workout will help you in fat loss and, it is also very beneficial for you if you only want to tone up your body. High-intensity interval training is essential for your heart because you are doing a workout between your peak heart rate and then back down to heart rate. Over time your heart health and endurance will improve.

It grows with you:

It is a very underrated benefit, but high-intensity interval training grows with you. All other workouts regimes cause the participant to plateau once they have reached a certain level. When we train our bodies regularly, our bodies become habitual to those workouts, and your body stops showing the expected results.
HIIT training will increase your endurance and athletic ability. What once was 100% for you may now be only 70% for you. Your peak is also improving with time in HIIT workout. It clearly shows that you’ll break your plateau and improve faster as compared to other exercises.
HIIT workouts have many advantages as compared to standard exercise. HIIT workouts are very time efficient, beneficial for your cardiovascular health and help you to achieve a new fitness level because of their inherent nature of growing with you.
I hope now you understand why HIIT workout is essential, So it’s time to get up and start busting.

Elements of HIIT workout:

There are 3-main components of HIIT workout:
Anaerobic exercise
Recovery periods


The warmup is the initial stage of any exercise in which you are preparing your muscles for any workout, such as running. A warmup session should be the same as an actual exercise, but the intensity of the warmup has to be below. Warmup sessions play an important role in HIIT workouts because they prepare your body for high-intensity training.
Warmup sessions have numerous benefits. Warmup sessions increase the circulation of oxygen and blood throughout the body and warm the muscles. Cold muscles can not tolerate the intensity of HIIT workouts like warm up muscles.
In HIIT sessions, the intensity of the exercises is much higher than our standard workouts. Due to high-Intensity, the risk of injury will also increase. That’s why warmup sessions are very vital for the athlete to prevent injuries to the body.
Always Start a HIIT workout session after your warmup routine that exercises all muscles of the body. One thing you should clear in mind is that stretching is not a warmup exercise.

Anaerobic exercise:

Usually, HIIT workout includes anaerobic and aerobic periods in the session. The high-intensity are anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises push the body to work intensively in a short span, Which is the anaerobic system to provide energy to the body.
The anaerobic activity also helps in the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which cause fatigue, pain and burning sensation. Doing HIIT exercises increases the lactic threshold, Which allows the athlete to use the anaerobic system for a long duration.
Usually, standards workouts use steady-state exercises, which keeps you in the aerobic zone in the whole workout session. On the other hand, HIIT includes anaerobic workouts due to its intense workout sessions. The high intensity of these sessions forces the athlete to push his anaerobic threshold and form it over some time. Intense anaerobic sessions that result in EPOC helps in fat burn and weight loss associated with HIIT.

Recovery periods:

Recovery periods in HIIT sessions play a vital role in your workout sessions. An aerobic session is the recovery part of the HIIT workout.
These rest intervals allow the body to bring back the heart rate at that level from where our body is ready to indulge in another high-intensity session. These rest sessions remove the formed lactic acid during the anaerobic session and circulate oxygen throughout the body. Thus recovery periods also play an essential role in the whole workout.

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