The Power of Pre Workout Meals: Fueling Your Workout

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Whether you are a fitness freak or just a beginner in the fitness industry, you’ve heard the term pre workout meals; these meals fuel your body and provide energy during the workout.

This article will teach you about pre-workout meals and how to make a perfect one.

What Are Pre-Workout Meals?

The meals you consume before doing any physical activity, Prior to going to the gym or any intense workout.

These meals increase performance, boost endurance, and minimize exhaustion during training sessions.

The main motive of pre workout meals is to unlock your peak potential and accelerate your recovery process after a workout.

What to Include in Your Pre Workout Meal:


tasty healthy oatmeal with berries and flaxseeds healthy pre workout meal

Carbohydrates are a critical source of energy for our body during exercise. There are two types of carbs: simple carbs (bad carbs) and complex carbs (good carbs).

You should always choose complex carbs food sources over simple carbs. Complex carbs are slow-releasing energy carbs that provide energy to us during our workout sessions.

Complex carbs never spike our insulin levels or sugar levels. It includes whole grains, quinoa, peanut butter, and sweet potatoes.


Protein is a building block of our muscles. You should add a moderate amount of protein to your pre workout meal. Good quality protein prevents muscle loss during a workout.

There are some good quality protein sources which you can add to your pre-workout meal, such as chicken, tofu, beans etc., But if you want to pick plant-based protein sources, you can choose plant-based protein powder.

Healthy Fats:

homemade peanut butter with peanuts healthy pre workout meal grey concrete table top view

Healthy fats are the third most important nutrient to add to your pre-workout meal. You should add healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds or olive oil to your pre-workout meals.


You must drink at least 2-3 glasses of water 1 hr before training. Adequate water can help you maintain the best performance in the workout and keep you hydrated, which can positively impact your physical activity.

Timing Matters:

Nutrients will show their results when you consume them at the right time. Otherwise, it may cause discomfort while you work out and hamper the digestion of that particular food.

Below are some valuable tips that inform you about the correct timings of your pre-workout meal.

  • The ideal time to consume a nutritious pre-workout meal rich in good carbs, quality protein and healthy fats 3 hours before the workout; this gives your body ample time for digestion, takes the nutrients from the food we consume, and provides enough energy during the whole workout session.
  • If you have less or no time to prepare your pre workout meal, you can pick a healthy snack 40-45 minutes before the workout. It would be best to choose easily digestible carbs like bananas, peanut butter, brown bread, apples, energy bars etc.

What to Avoid:

Pre-workout meals are essential to consume before a workout, but there are some foods that you should avoid before a workout because they can badly hamper your results.

Greasy Foods:

crispy french fries with ketchup and mayonnaise

You must avoid unhealthy foods such as processed or junk before a workout because they are high in unhealthy fat and may cause discomfort during training.

High Sugar Foods:

You should avoid highly sugary foods before a workout, including candies, sugary drinks and other unhealthy desserts.’

Large Meals:

food tray a heavy pre workout meal

Avoid eating heavy meals before going to the gym because it may cause bloating during a workout, but if you want to consume, maintain a gap between your pre workout meal and exercise of at least 3-4 hrs.


I hope you now understand the concept of pre workout meals. You must incorporate the right food into your diet to achieve your fitness goals.

You should plan your pre-workout meals according to your own, and if you have any allergies to any food, find an alternative.

If you have less time, you can pick some healthy snacks that take less time to prepare and are easily digestible.

With the help of correct and healthy pre workout meals, you achieve your desired results faster.

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