“Top 10 Magnesium-Rich Foods for Vegetarian Health”

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Today we will discuss an essential mineral, magnesium, which is vital for keeping our body healthy. It has essential functions, such as helping our muscles and nervous system to work appropriately and strengthening our bones.

Some people think it is challenging for vegetarians to get an adequate dose of magnesium daily because they don’t eat eggs or fish, which are very high in magnesium.

In this article, we will learn about the top 10 magnesium-rich food sources for vegetarians that help you to get all the benefits of magnesium to stay fit and healthy.

Magnesium-Rich Foods for Vegetarians:


A small bowl of spinach leaves which is great source of magnesium with white back ground

Spinach is the one-stop solution for many nutrients, and mg is one of them. One cup of cooked spinach is adequate to complete 40% of the required daily dose of magnesium, around 157 milligrams.

You should add spinach to salads, lentils, and soups as the best way to increase magnesium levels in your body. 

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is another best food for vegetarians to boost their mg levels. Approx 28 grams of Swiss chard has 150 milligrams of magnesium.

We can incorporate this green veggie in salad and saute with garlic and olive oil. 

Pumpkin seeds

background of pumpkin seeds and 3 pumpkins which is great source of magnesium

Let’s move ahead and talk about pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas; they are affordable and the best way to increase the nutrition level of your snacks.

One ounce of roasted seeds has 168 milligrams of mg. Add pumpkin seeds to salads, sandwiches, smoothies or yoghurt and get your daily dose of magnesium. 


a small bowl of almonds which is a great source of magnesium with grey background

Almonds are one of the most popular go-to snack options for vegetarians. Only one ounce of almonds can give 80 milligrams of magnesium.

Keep a stock of almonds in your house and consume them in breakfast; add them to smoothies, as an evening snack, or in homemade bars.

Black beans

Black beans are another best option for vegetarians to increase their magnesium levels. One cup of cooked black beans contains 120 milligrams of mg.

You can add these beans to salads and soups, making your meals delicious and nutritious.


a small bowl of cooked quinoa with two pieces of lemon and one spoon in the background

As we all know, quinoa is the best source of plant-based protein, but many of us still need to learn that it is also an excellent source of magnesium.

Approx 28 grams of cooked quinoa has 118 milligrams of mg.

You can consume quinoa with salads or intake it as a separate dish instead of rice. This power pack option is the best way to complete your daily dose of mg.


Tofu also offers a good amount of magnesium. One tofu serving around 3.5 ounces has 53 milligrams of mg.

Include tofu in curries, stir-fries, and grilled dishes to enjoy the benefits of mg. 


Avocado is also a powerhouse of mg. One small avocado has 58 milligrams of mg.

You can make avocado toast for breakfast or consume it as your evening snack, and use it in smoothies and salads to add mg to your veg meals.

Brown rice

Brown rice is the best source of complex carbs, but it can make it easy to complete your recommended magnesium dose. One cup of cooked brown rice has 84 milligrams of mg.

You can consume brown rice with your favourite legume, curry, and curd to complete your daily nutritional needs.

Sunflower seeds

a small bowl of sunflower seeds which is great source of magnesium

Sunflower seeds are also an essential source of mg. One ounce of sunflower seeds contains 95 milligrams of mg.

Use it in salads, smoothies, soups, yoghurt, and sandwiches and give yourself a mg-rich treat. 


If you’re a vegetarian looking to boost your mg intake, the above foods can be a great addition to your diet.

These options can help prevent health issues with mg deficiency, like diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and coronary heart disease.

Give them a try and see how they will amaze you with their health benefits.

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